Voting Mod (votingmod) wrote,
Voting Mod

Term XLVIII Questions and Feedback!

Hello from your Term XLVIII Voting Manager, Trin/belladiavolo.

This post is available for any questions, concerns, suggestions, or feedback related to the platform_934 community, a subsidiary of hogwartsishome. Please leave your comment here, and I will respond to you as soon as I am able. Additionally, if you are a current member vouching for an applicant whose account is less than two months old, please do so here.

For your convenience we also have a Sorting FAQ available to answer common questions that members and prospective applicants may have.

Comments to this post are screened for privacy, but you may also feel free to direct inquiries to as well.

♥, Trin belladiavolo
Tags: !mod post, complaints and queries thread

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